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From:Robert Santoianni <Robert_Santoianni@Emory.Org> (by way of histonet)
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For 1997, our B/R Instrument 8400 recycled approximately 480 gallons
of xylene, 240 gallons of Clear-Rite III and 104 gallons of acetone.  This
reduced our hazardous chemical waste disposal about 80%!  We have
never been disappointed with the quality of any recycled solvent from
this machine, in use since 1990.  We have retired the 8400 and now
have a ProCycler 9700 which can do twice the volume.  We also have a
PureForm 2000 recycling formalin at about 1200 gallons/year.  This has
decreased our hazardous chemical waste disposal (formalin only) 73%!
Again, the quality of the recycled product is excellent!  I am
preparing to test their ProCycler version of this unit this week.  During my
~10 years at recycling, I can highly recomment B/R Instrument Corp.  For
quality of instrumentation, knowledge of distillation, service and great
folks to work with, I will not consider any other brand or configuration of
this type of equipment.  Call them at 800-922-9206.
Good luck,
Bob Santoianni
Emory University Hospital
Atlanta, Georgia

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