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From:Alan Bright <> (by way of histonet)
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Dear Joyce,

Do you know the amount of variation of the section thickness ?

If your sections look OK I would think your freezing platform is fine as the
temperature would not alter from one section to the next if they were
sectioned one after the other.

Here is a copy of an e-mail, with someone with the same problems, they are
getting irregular section thickness at 20 microns.

<Know of a lab that recently bought 3 Leica cryostats, all bummers.>
<Were exchanged but even these were not very good. I'm not anti Leica, they>
<make good instruments, but 6 bum cryostats is not a good advertisement.>

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Happy New Year

Alan Bright


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From: Joyce Bousquet <>
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Date: Wednesday, December 23, 1998 01:55
Subject: re: thick brain sections

>We are currently sectioning perfused rat brains at 40 microns with a Leica
>SM2000 (purchased in 1996).  Immuno staining is performed with floating
>sections in wells with excellent results.  However, our scientist are
>constantly complaining of section thickness variability.  This became a big
>issue when we needed to calculate graft volume( we are transplanting cells
>in the rats brain).  I contacted Leica about whether or not the machine was
>sectioning properly and they alluded to the fact that that particular model
>which I purchased was no longer made because of automatic advance problems.
>The machine was sent back and according to Leica was repaired. The
>are still complaining inspite of the repair.  My question is :  Could
>section thickness variability be a result of the machine not working
>properly or is it because of the freezing platform temperature( we never
>have trouble getting "nice looking" sections) ?  Has anyone else
>this problem?
>Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
>Joyce Bousquet
>Boston, MA

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