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Dear Kathy,

I found several listings for this antibody.
Calbiochem-Novabiochem    800/854-3117
Celsus                                      513-860-2800
American Qulaex                    800/772-1776
Hopefully one of these companies can help you.

Joel Weisenberger
DAKO Corporation
Technical Services
800-235-5743 x5325
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From: Kathy Oprea <>
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Date: Wednesday, January 13, 1999 8:06 AM
Subject: source for Factor XIIIA

Happy New Year everyone!
A friend of mine at a local human hospital has been asked by her
pathologist to run immuno for Factor XIIIA. To date, she has been
unable to locate a source for this antibody,  and asked if I would
see if any info was available from histonet. She has tried several
times to subscribe, but is rejected due to attachments. This is
another problem she is trying to solve! Any suggestions for either
problem will be very much appreciated.
Have a good day!
************ Thank you ************
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