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This would be very simple if you had the right cryostat which is : one with
 independent specimen temperature control, the specimen would need to be
set between n8 & -12 deg. C, the microtome  chamber at n20 to n25 deg. C ,
 with these setting the brain will serial section very easily without folds.

If you do not have specimen temperature control, you will need to set the
microtome chamber to n8 to n12 deg. C, and try to lay solid C02 on the knife
and anti-roll plate, this is due to the fact that brain will stick to the
knife and  anti-roll plate at it ideal sectioning temperature and will need
to be cooled to stop this. The reason you do not achieve good
sections is that the brain is to cold.

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From: Atoska S. Gentry <>
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Date: Thursday, January 14, 1999 11:27
Subject: frozen section folds

>does anyone have a remedy for folding/overlapping of frozen brain sections
>(f.s.) as they are picked up onto  glass slides.
>or perhaps there is something in my routine causing this.  i section at 8u
>using disposable blades temp. -23C -18C.
>also, is there an advantage to cryoprotecting brain sections vs fresh
>sections frozen in isopentane chilled with liquid nitrogen?  I have not
>been cryoprotecting my sections.
>Atoska S. Gentry

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