Re: TUNEL stain

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Sorry Carol, this got bounced back to me, as you can see.
Re-directing it to histonet.

From:    RUSS ALLISON <>
To:       "Carol Tanck"
Date:      Wed, 6
Jan 1999 07:32:23 GMT
Re: TUNEL stain

I have probably said this before but it bears repeating!  I think I
got caught out using TUNEL (Boeringer Mannheim kit - but it applies
to all).
Endogenous nucleases can be a source of non-specific staining (or
maybe just unwanted staining, but that's another debate).
Diethyl pyrocarbonate can inhibit the endogenous nuclease.
See:  Stahelin, Marti. Solioz, Zimmermann & Reichen.  J Cliinical
Pathology: Molecular Pathology.1998;51:204-208.
In my results, there was a lot of positivity and little correlation
with morphological indicators of apoptosis.
Russ Allison, Wales

Russ Allison, Wales

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