Re: Paraffin ribbon storage

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Dear Anish,
for tempory storage of serial ribbons I have used Assistant slide trays
which have the two flapped side free of divisions, we purchased these by
accident when in actual fact we wanted trays with individual compartments
for each slide.
Prior to this the Hospital carpenter used to make trays for us, with glued
on slats of three ply, which was then shellaced or varnished. Having put the
ribbons in the compartments, we then put a cardboard lid on top and taped it
down and labelled it. It was crude but effective.
Regards Mike (Downunder)
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From: Anish Sudra <>
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Date: Wednesday, 30 December 1998 7:22
Subject: Paraffin ribbon storage

>I need to find a vendor that sells those cardboard boxes for paraffin

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