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Thanks Mick.

Just to add a little more information.  You can try  Hemacolor solution 3 (
it's the methylene blue/azure component) to stain H-pylori.  Place
deparaffinized and hydrated slides in Solution 3 for 3-4 minutes, rinse in
distilled water, dehydrate and clear.  Pretty easy.

In the U.S. Hemacolor is carried by most of the usual distributors.  You
can contact me for the names.
Product #
Hemacolor Stain Set      65044-93

In Europe, Merck product #  1.11674.0001
In Canada, BDH product #   65044-93

Rande Kline, HT (ASCP)
Technical Services
EM Science

Mick Rentsch <> on 01/11/99 04:37:57 PM

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Subject:  Re: Diff Quick

Dear Selina,
Diff Quick is a three pack set of Methanol fixative, Buffered Eosin and
Phosphate buffered Azure B based upon the original Fields Stain for thick
film Malarial Parasites, but used in reverse order and at a weaker
concentration. I believe the name Diff Quick is the Trade mark of the
Harleco Corporation which is a subdivision of EM Scientific, in turn part
Merck and BDH.
Its main application in recent times is for the rapid staining of FNA's
either at bedside or during sampling for Malignant cells, and it used in
some Institutions for Out of Hours Staff and On-call situations where a
rapid Peripheral Blood smear is required either for differential or
assessment, some staff in Micro also use it for rapid staining of CSF
to determine if Bacterial or Viral Meningitis. The few Histo- persons who
use Diff Quick, tend to do so either for Frozen Section or for
A strong word of Caution:- Diff Quick and other such rapid Haematology
Romanowsky stains, require skill in differentiation and an understanding of
correct cell morphology for leucocytes and other cell lines is required to
obtain correct colouration; if it is intended to coverslip these preps.
underdifferentiation is required because the dehydrating step will leach
a lot of the Azure B. Occassional users would be best to use a Standard
Wrights, Leishman or when the very best differentiation is required a May
Grunwald Giemsa sequence; the latter being almost self -differentiating, as
all of these are more easily controlled.
Regards Mike (Downunder)

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>Hi folks,
>can anyone help me to locate a product called DiffQuick?
>I believe that it's a stain that can be used to help distinguish the
>different white cell types.
>If not can anyone recommend anything that I could use for this purpose?
>Many thanks.
>Yours hopefully.
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