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>Hi histonetters,
>One of my pathologists has requested that I try to look up a recipe for a
>Lendrum's stain (sp?).  He believes this is used to demonstrate fibrin.  The
>only reference I was able to come up with is a stain to demonstrate viral
>inclusion bodies.  No mention made of demonstrating fibrin.  Can anyone help?
>Sue Lewis, BS HTL(ASCP)
>University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics
This is probably the M.S.B. (Martius, Scarlet, Blue) method for fibrin as
published in "Carleton's Histological Technique" by Drury and Wallington.(
Page 193 in the fourth edition)  We use this as a routine Trichrome stain.
We find it particularly good for reproductive tissues that have been fixed
in Bouin's.

                                   Regards, Laurie.

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