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From:Louise Burrell <> (by way of histonet)
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Dear all!!  Happy 1999
Ditto-laurie...the MSB is perfect for fibrin demonstration.  I have used
it and it is very nic e.
As for the Von Kossa stain---Russ' comments are always so intellectual and
informative--love them.  I have stained  Von Kossa for calcium  on  2-3um
sections(on slides)of kidney; 4 um slide sections; and
10 um frozen sections---floating in petri dishes using glass rods to
tranfer into  solutions.The secret of the stain is really to acid clean
all glass ware
and rinse exceptionally well in DH2O several times.  You may use ultra
violet or a regular lamp to enhance staining.  The Silver Nitrate solution
always works better if kept in the refrigerator.
I stained these slides on a staining tray--laying flat, and could then
gently rock from side to side to assure even silver impregnation.
I believe the protocol is in the old AFIP manual--and am sure it is in
Frieda's book.To clean off excess silver--use acid alcohol. Good luck!
By the way, Frieda thanks for your comment on multiples!

With warmest regards,
Louise Burrell,H.T. (ASCP)
Chief Tech WUMS Cancer Center
St. Louis, MO.
Happy New Year to Bertie and Sylvia, TOO!!!!!!!!

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