Re: Embedding in MMA

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From:John Difford <> (by way of histonet)
To:histonet <>
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Attn. Ramona Nelson

Dear Ramona,

You can find a good protocol for embedding bone in polymethyl methacrylate
in Bancroft and Stevens book, 'Theory and Practice of Histological
Techniques'. In the chapter on bone, which in the fourth edition it is on
page 327.

How do I know it is a good method? Because the method was first described
by me in the following paper, to which you may care to refer,

  'A simplified method for the preparation of methyl methacrylate embedding
medium for undecalcified bone'
  DIFFORD, J.  (1974)  Medical Laboratory Technology,  31,   79 -81.


John Difford
Histopathology Dept
Royal Free Hospital
London, England.

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