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Thank Gayle
I imagine that it is not impossible to infiltrate specimens of great size.
Although not this suitable specifically for optic microscopy I think
that I eat  you say to increase the times it can be of great help

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Are you saying you are embedding rat skin 1.5 cm x 1.5 cm?  These are
large specimens for embedment in epoxy resin, and if you have short
dehydration times, say 10 min or so per change, they may not be very
well processed for the size you are using.  You may have to increase the
times of dehydration, clearing and infiltration greatly to make sure
the sections do not fall apart on the water.  Epoxies, and other plastics
with the exception of glycol methacrylate take a long time to infiltrate
into the tissues.  That is the rationale for chopping up tissues into
mushy little pieces for TEM technics, good fixation then processing.

Try increasing your times up to 30 minutes per change or more.

Good luck
Gayle Callis

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