RE: CAM 5.2 from B.Dickinson VS other companie's equivalents

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From:Alex Brown <> (by way of histonet)
To:histonet <>
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Hi Carole from Quebec,
	We used to use B.D.'s CAM 5.2 years ago , but in recent years
have been using an antibody from Novocastra (available from Vector Labs
). It is apparently specific for Moll's Catalogue nos. 8 and 18 . The
clone is 5D3. On human tissue we find the results comparable (as far as
I can tell ) to CAM 5.2 On the 'fact sheet' there are a couple of
references to papers, one of which uses both CAM 5.2 and NCL-5D3. If
this is of any interest I could fax you the data sheet. Just let me
		Have a good weekend,

			Alex. Brown
			Crosshouse Hospital
			Kilmarnock, Scotland.
From: Jean-Hugues Deschesnes
Subject: CAM 5.2 from B.Dickinson VS other companie's equivalents
Date: 07 January 1999 16:34

Did anybody try to compare the CAM 5.2 from B.D. with another equivalent
product; by
this I intend the same cytok#233#ratines,ie 8 and 18.(on the
sheet,the mol#233#cular weight is respectively 39 and 43 KD).Were the
results as good,as sp#233#cific as the CAM.
We want to have a concentrate because using a prediluted antibody is
very expensive with  an automated procedure.Thank you! Carole from

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