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From:Alex Brown <> (by way of histonet)
To:histonet <>
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Hi Carl,
	We use the 'Davidson Marking System' from Bradley Products Inc.,
(1700 W. 94th St., Bloomington MN 55431). It contains 5 tissue dyes;
green, red, blue, yellow and black. We buy ours through a company in
England,  Medim Histotechnology.
	Alex. Brown
	Crosshouse Hospital
	Kilmarnock, Scotland.

From: Carl Bond
Date: 13 January 1999 21:53

In the past we have been able to order a Tissue Marking Dyekit from TBS
which included a green dye.  It seems the new kits no longer contain the
green dye.

Does anyone know of another vendor that carries a green dye.  We would
like feedback as to different types of marking systems that may be
that we are not aware of.

Thank you.
Carl Bond, Laboratory Manager
Grande Ronde Hospital
LaGrande OR, 97850

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