Microtomy ergonomics

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From:Jim Almond <jaa@rshhis.demon.co.uk> (by way of histonet)
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Manual handling/ergonomics is a "Hot H&S issue" within our Trust. Two
styles/approaches to microtomy using rotary microtomes (2-3 hour sessions)
exist here and I'm  sure both approaches exist elsewhere:

standing up with the microtome side on
sitting down with the microtome front on.

I'm concerned "experts" may condemn the standing up approach as every
activity seems to be a "risk", even sitting in a chair without legs
extended! However, if there is a longer term "RSI" repetitive strain injury
potential I may need to advise people to sit?

I would be interested (as I'm sure would others) to hear of experiences
relating to microtomy careers/back problems or general opinions on this. I
personally cut sections standing up for 20 years without problems, purely
because that was how I was taught (old dogs remain set in their ways!)

Jim Almond
Shrewsbury UK
Sitting down with good posture.
Jim Almond
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