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From:Cheryl Crowder <> (by way of histonet)
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Hi all - Years ago there were forceps that were "electric".  They had a
thermostat and of course a cord which connected them to the power source.  I
haven;t  seen them for a long time for histology, but wondered if anyone had
seen anything like that in other disciplines.  This is not the Tissue-Tek II
forceps warmer, but true heated forceps.  If anyone has any idea where I
might find a pair (or 2), please contact me directly.  I don't want to crowd
up the net with stuff like this.  Thank you.
Cheryl Crowder
LSU School of Veterinary Medicine
Dept. of Vet Path.
(225) 346-3399
(FAX)  (225) 236-3226

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