Fluorescence PhotoMicroscopy

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I haven't done fluorescence microscopy in years.  Now, I have an experiment
I did yesterday that is worth taking photos of.  Can anyone give me help on
how to take good fluorescence photomicrographs using an Olympus Vanox?  I
don't even remember what film I am supposed to use.

I need to do this pretty soon, the slides are in the refer, in the dark, but
I am not sure how long they will last.  I used Vectasheild to mount
coverslips, unfortunately, they it expired in Nov. 1995...I sealed  edges
with nail polish, the 4th was on the bottom of the slide, I will seal that
today...if it is not too messy.  What are the bets that the FITC fades by
noon today, when I am finally ready to try to take pictures.

Thanks, in advance, for all your help.

Noelle Patterson
Naval Medical Research Center
Bethesda, Md

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