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Hi Histonetters,

I found this on the Microscopy Listserver, and I'm sure there are lots of
people who could help Dr. Steve Fields.  Please respond directly to:


My institution needs to purchase a new cryostat in the next several months.
I would appreciate any comments from cryostat users about their satisfation/
dissatisfaction with particular makes and models of relatively new cryostats.

We do not anticipate particularly heavy usage of this equipment, but the
that will need to be sectioned range from soft tissues such as brain and heart
all the way to mouse and rat bone.  Some investigators would like to collect
sections in excess of 30 microns for confocal microscopy projects, and others
would like to serial section whole organs from transgenic mice.  Are
knives sufficient for this range of usage?

Also, cryostat vendors are welcome to email me directly.  Surprisingly, it has
been like pulling teeth to get some companies to talk to a ready and  willing

Thanks for your help,

Dr. Steve Fields
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
825 N.E. 13th Street
Oklahoma City, OK  73104

405-271-7665 (Office)
405-271-3153 (Fax)

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