paraffin core samples

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I would like to add some new information for  the preparation of paraffin
cores. A recent development is an instrument made by Beecher Instruments for
obtaining cores from a paraffin block with a diameter of 0.6mm (600
microns). With this Micro Array Instrument 1000 cores can be transferred to
a recipient paraffin block. The recipient block with the cores 0.1mm apart
is then sectioned. The slide has 1000 cores of interest ready
for your protocol .You can get more information at

An article published in Nature Medicine in July discusses the method.The
authors use these cores of breast cancer to look at gene expression.

 We reference the Nature paper on our web site under "Products" and then
click on  the "Paraffin Sectioning Aid" (PSA). The article also discusses
the value of the PSA system for obtaining a slide with all the cores intact
and there is a sketch of the method. Our web site is


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