fume hoods

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From:"Skelton, Michelle" <mskelton@akanmc.alaska.ihs.gov> (by way of histonet)
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We recently had a preliminary OSHA inspection and one of the things that was
mentioned as possibly a problem was the fume hood for our grossing station
(the inspector had never seen one before).  We have a standard MOPEC
grossing station with a slotted fume hood.  Meaning we do not have a fume
hood that is behind a glass partition that can be pulled down.  My question
is -- What kinds of grossing station do other hospitals use?  I am
particulary interested in others that use the same type of fume system that
we use.  If you reply with the name of your facility that would also be
helpful (I'm planning on compiling a list for our Hospital Safety Officer to
use as part of his documentation that our system is adequate.)

Thank you all in advance.
Michelle L. Skelton
Alaska Native Health Campus

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