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Kimberly in Wyoming
I have been studying from the Histotechnology, A Self-instructional Text
written by Freida Carson.  It also comes with a study guide.  I have the
1990 edition and it seems to be working well. I know that she has written
another edition of this book this year and it can be ordered through the
Board of Registry
	Along with that I have my supervisor's old histology text to look up
different cells and what they do.  I use it along with Carson's book for a
reference.  It helps me to understand better what each stain is for and how
it works.  Any histology text should do.  It is always nice to have colored
pictures.  I think that the BOR will probably have something with that too.
I am using the Textbook of Histology by Leeson, Leeson and Paporro, 1985.
	 I also recently purchased the BOR study guide, Histolotechnology
Examinations.  It has been very helpful.  It is divided into several
sections and asks many many questions.  It helps to practice how the
question will be asked and is in a multiple choice format.  It also came
with a computer disk that help you practice computerized tests.
	I hear that Sheehan wrote a book that is also really good to study
from.  I
am in the process of finding it.
	The Bor web page is helps a lot. They
have a
lot of books that you can choose from.  And you can purchase most of them
from there, or you can email them for their suggestions.

	I hope that this will help you and Good Luck!

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