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Before you order a xylene sub request an MSDS on the product your ordering.
Your new charge person may be surprised.

Rande Kline
Technical Servcies
EM Science

Jim Ball <> on 01/29/99 03:02:18 AM

Subject:  xylene sub

our new incharge person wants to go to a xylene substitute to cover slip
from, the only reason given is that it is safer than xylene. we will sill
use xylene to process our tissue and to depara slides with in fact we will
be taking the slides out of xylene and and placining them in the sub. While
I agree that xylene is dangerous health wise, it also has a proven track
record. I would rather deal with a monster I can monitor as compared to a
product you can not measure and there are no established exposure limits
estabished for a company telling me something is safe does'nt make it so. I
have been told that slides take longer drying times when cover slipped out
of the sub. I am open to both pro and con comments thank you

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