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 The problems I am hearing from all the correspondense could possibly be a
manufacturing problem with the coated slides.   One way to find the cause
of the problem would be to report the problem to the distributor or
manufacturer and request a new lot of slides as a replacement.   If you are
still having problems with the new lot, most likely it's application.  If
your not, it could possibly be the lot.

 The QC end would be making sure the slides meet certain specifications.
It would be the manufacturing end that paint the label on. Stuff can happen
during manufacturing and the manufacturer needs the heads-up.  Switching
vendors is not always the solution.   Somewhere up the road the problem
will most likely repeat itself.

Hope this information helps.

Rande Kline HT (ASCP)
Technical Services
EM Science

Robert Santoianni <Robert_Santoianni@Emory.Org> on 01/20/99 06:25:14 AM

Subject:  silane or plus charge slides -Reply

Our Histo Lab uses "charged" slides for IHC and I use them for frozen
section  immunofluorescence.  I can't comment on the longevity of the
charge because we use them up so fast.  But I have had a problem with
a crosshatch pattern background due to poor QC when they paint the
label on.  We used to use slides from Fisher, but Surgipath gave us a
better price per case.
Bob Santoianni
Emory University Hospital
Atlanta, Georgia

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