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	I'm assuming you follow CAP guidelines and do the appropriate 15
minute and 8 hour formalin testing.  (OSHA approved badges for this
testing are available from most safety catalogs)
	As long as you can show OSHA that you test the grossing area
during acutual high use and the levels are below OSHA's threshold, I
don't see how they could fault you no matter what kind of ventilation
system you have.
	If anyone disagrees, (who doesn't sell grossing hoods) please

						Appleton Medical Center
						Appleton, WI


On Mon, 25 Jan 1999 15:41:43 -0900 "Skelton, Michelle"
<> writes:
>We recently had a preliminary OSHA inspection and one of the things
>that was
>mentioned as possibly a problem was the fume hood for our grossing
>(the inspector had never seen one before).  We have a standard MOPEC
>grossing station with a slotted fume hood.  Meaning we do not have a
>hood that is behind a glass partition that can be pulled down.  My
>is -- What kinds of grossing station do other hospitals use?  I am
>particulary interested in others that use the same type of fume system
>we use.  If you reply with the name of your facility that would also
>helpful (I'm planning on compiling a list for our Hospital Safety
>Officer to
>use as part of his documentation that our system is adequate.)
>Thank you all in advance.
>Michelle L. Skelton
>Alaska Native Health Campus

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