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I see you work for the Western Fisheries Research Centre and wondered
whether you were contemplating using the tartrazine in cellosolve as part of
the Lendrums phloxine tartrazine to demonstrate paneth cells.  The method
worked well for me on human tissue but I was unable to demonstrate these
cells in rat gut.  I thought you should be aware that paneth cells were not
present in all species, perhaps John Kiernan can confirm this.

Cellosolve is also an excellent solvent for removing celloidin from
celloidin coated stained slides prior to clearing and mounting.  Its action
is more gentle than the standard ether alcohol mixture and the sections are
more likely to stay on the slides especially after ammonical silver techniques.


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At 14:18 20/01/99 -0700, you wrote:
>I have a protocol which calls for 1% tartrazine in cellusolve.  Can anyone
>me what cellusolve is?  Is there anything I can use instead of cellusolove.
>Thanks in advance,
>Carla Aiwohi
>Western Fisheries Research Center
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