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Dear Michael
 I guess I responded to your inquiry mostly to let you know that it is not
so far fetched of an idea and because it brought back some old memories.
You may want to try some of your local universities. The University of
South Carolina had an antibody production laboratory that did just what you
asking. We did 2-D gels and cut the spots out of UNSTAINED gels. That was
"fun". We stockpiled quite a bit before we actually started injections. (12
gels/day 4 days/week for a month).  If you would like me to contact them
and see if they take outside work or get you the procedures with references
I would be glad to. Now the best way, (a LOT less work) and I believe that
is where you are going with your next question, is to get the sequence,
have peptides sequenced and then attached to glass beads for injection and
antibody production.  There are quite a few companies, I believe "Genetics
Sequencing" is one, that sequence proteins from gel bands. I'll get you
some more specifics (names phone # etc.) if you don't get responses from
them directly to this inquiry. good luck anita

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