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Dear VIP user.
    I've been away from the office and these postings so apologize for the
Sakura reply.   (Will you be attending a VIP Operator's Class?)

    Although fluid transfer machines, a.k.a.tissue processors, and slide
a.k.a.stainers, generally do the same tasks, in areas where they are not
absolutely identical there may be differences which can impact the outcome of
the specimen utilizing their automation.       We need to identify the
histologic factors which yield differing results.  This can enable our overall
understanding of the conditions as well as our control of these conditions.

    I strongly recommend that the primary variables regarding, in this case,
processing be reviewed.  Set up a two-column comparison to list the differences
between the compared issues or products.    Begin with a description, (not
judgement) of the conditions such as small specimens processed optimally vs.
small specimens overdehydrated/ hard/ brittle.   Include microscopic
description.   Do the same with large specimens.
    Volume of reagent used in each processor:
    Number of cassettes placed in each processor:
        Compare this ratio of reagent to tissue.
    Immersion time: Does the programmed immersion time include or exclude
pump-in and pump-out times?
    Additional programming variables: heat, P/V, agitation.
    Reagent rotation schedule

    Sakura also invites you (and all product users) to call the technical
support staff between the hours of 6 A.M.and 4:45 P.M. (Pacific time)

You can reach us at 800/725-8723 ext.# 2.

Best regards,

Nancy Klemme, HT(ASCP)
Customer/Product Support Mgr.
Sakura Finetek USA, Inc.
1750  West 214th Street
Torrance, CA  90501

Web Page =
e-mail =
Phone = 800/725-8723

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Subject:    VIP Processor
Date:       1/27/99 7:51 AM

Date: Wed, Jan 27, 1999 7:51 AM
Subject: VIP Processor
To: histonet
Hi everyone I am looking for a little help regarding my VIP Processor.
We had an MVP processor for years and recently bought a VIP Processor. We have
up our program exactly as it is on the MVP processor and we are having
problems with the larger tissues being unfixed and the biopsies being dry. We
process approximately 150 blocks a day. I have thought about changing the 70
and 80% alcohol twice a week if need be. I was under the impression that this
processor was supposed to keep the solutions cleaner. Any ideas?

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Subject: VIP Processor
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