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>Hello, I am in the process of doing the Bielschowsky stain on mouse brain and
>was wondering if you would share your protocols.  The one I have is not
>working or it just may be me.  It seems like it has a very short incubation
>time in the silver though (15 minutes)
>Thanks for your help

Hi there,

The protocol I was using was basically directly from 'Theory and Practise
of histological Techniques', by Bancroft and Stevens (fourth edition).  It
has several different incubations in the silver solutions, for a total of
35 minutes.  If you don't have access to this (excellent) book, then email
me, and I will post the protocol here, or send it direct to you :)  The
original reference can be found in the journal of Neuropathology and
applied Neurobiology, 1986, 12, 3-9.   Happy staining!


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