Re: Microtomes and Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

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From:Sarah Christo <> (by way of histonet)
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Dear Christine,
  I think I have some references at work. I'm home
today so it will have to wait until Tuesday. I have carpel tunnel from
using the microtome.  I know 2 other techs that had it also.  I wear a
brace at night and during the day I wear a magnetic bracelet that seems to
help.  I'll be
glad to send them as soon as I get back to work.
Right now I'm off to brush horses and maybe get
some riding in.  It's a beautiful day here today.
Glad I'm not stuck in the lab today...

<<< christine lee <>  1/15  9:10p >>>
A few years ago I was aware of debate in histology laboratories regarding
the repeditive stress injuries caused by continued use of microtomes, but
didn't keep any of the relevant literature. Can anyone refere me to relevant
literature or websites, or is there anyone who has suffered any repeditive
strain injuries.
I would love to hear from you so I can convince our pathologists that it
does exist. Thanks.

Christine Lee

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