Re: Microtomes and Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

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       We have several techs in our laboratory suffering from
     wrist,shoulder and elbow pain diagnosed as repetitive motion injuries.
      I personally have lateral epicondylitis of the left elbow from
     cutting and have had the cortisone shots, physical therapy,etc. but
     the only thing that has given any consistent relief is a magnetic band
     I wear when cutting and at night.  Believe it or not,it does work.  If
     you get any information on any of the RMI's would you please forward
     it to me ? Thank you in advance for your help...

     Albany Medical Center
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Subject: Microtomes and Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
Author:  christine lee <> at Internet-Mail
Date:    1/15/99 10:28 PM

A few years ago I was aware of debate in histology laboratories regarding
the repeditive stress injuries caused by continued use of microtomes, but
didn't keep any of the relevant literature. Can anyone refere me to relevant
literature or websites, or is there anyone who has suffered any repeditive
strain injuries.
I would love to hear from you so I can convince our pathologists that it
does exist. Thanks.

Christine Lee

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