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It has been my experience that Positive-charged slides can deteriorate with
age and that they should have an expiration date.  We pick up our sections
from the regular water bath that has a tiny pinch of gelatin added and dry
them overnight or even over the weekend in a 60 degree C oven.  Of course,
poorly processed tissue will wash off no matter what you try.

Also, a repeat question- Anyone aware of where I can find antibody Ki M1p-
a macrophage marker?

Jeff Silverman
Southampton Hospital NY USA

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> Subject: Re: Lost sections
> Date: Tuesday, January 19, 1999 3:38 AM
> Another opinion from the peanut gallery:
> We do use poly-l-lysine coated slides.  We pick our sections off of the
> everyday waterbath that has gelatin added.  We dry our sections at about
> degrees for 15 minutes.  We use the routine stainer to deparaffinize and
> hydrate.  It seems that we do everything that the elite say will not
work, yet
> our tissue stays on and our stains look great.
> The only time we have a wash-off problem is when the tissue has not been
> or processed correctly.
> -Linda

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