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The best suggestion I can make is don't fix by perfusion. This leads to
deposition of Golgi "stain" in the capillaries, confounding everything.
Lots of nice, golden-brown worms in the brain.

I had the best results dissecting out a block of tissue the included the
region of interest plus a bit extra, and putting that directly into the
Golgi fix (with a pad of cotton or the like at the bottom of the vial, so
the solution has access to the tissue from all sides).

Sectioning was done by embedding the post-fix/stain blocks in 18% gelatin
and cutting on a vibratome at 50 to 200 microns.


>Does anyone have a suggestion for fixative to follow perfusion with saline
>in the rat that would not confound Golgi staining?
>Bruce Rasmussen

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