Re: ER/PR tissues washing off

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From:Mick Rentsch <> (by way of histonet)
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We had the same problem with Poly L Lysine slides (even though kept in
freezer) we changed over to Silanised slides and have never had a
recurrence. Please note that we never make up more slides than we can use in
a month.
Regards MIke (downunder)
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From: Paula Wilder <>
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Date: Tuesday, 19 January 1999 1:16
Subject: IHC: ER/PR tissues washing off

>Hello Histonet!
>Been out of contact with the net for several months, so I hope this
>query is not a recent duplicate.  For some reason, all of a sudden, our
>ER and PR tissues have been washing off the slide after antigen
>retrieval using a rice steamer.  We use charged slides.  We have tried
>keeping the slides overnight in our incubator oven at 60 degrees.  We
>have thought about incubating the slides in a 75-80 degree oven for a
>shorter period of time, but have not done so yet.
>We have also thought about trying poly-L-lysine slides.  Do you have any
>thoughts?  Any information will be very greatly appreciated.  THANK
>Paula Wilder
>St. Joseph Medical Center
>Towson, MD
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