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From:George McNamara <> (by way of histonet)
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Dear Cindi,

  Try VectaShield(R) from

Vector Laboratories
30 Ingold Road
Burlingame, CA 94010
To order, call:  (800) 227-6666

For technical assistance:
TEL: (650) 697-3600
FAX: (650) 697-0339
E-mail: (Molecular Biology Apps ->

  Incidentally, their recommended 25 ul for a 22x22 mm coverglass seems a
bit excessive in terms of potential for excess liquid.

  For slippery overglasses, try wicking out excess fluid with a kimwipe.

As for coverglasses, you might try sealing them with any one of:

* vaseline (apply from syringe without needle, but don't get on objective
* crazy glue pen (my favorite, let it dry a few minutes before putting on
* VALAP (a 1:1:1 solution of vaseline: lanolin:paraffin that is heated to
melt and then painted around the coverglass; make sure it's dry before
putting on scope. I have no idea of the melting temperature or how to stir
them together).

>Date: 18 Jan 1999 10:31:17 -0600
>Subject: Mounting media
>Hello Everyone,
>	I need some recommendations for a mounting media.  It needs to be water
>soluble for 100 um. sections of immunofluorescence.  The media I'm using now
>doesn't always dry so the coverslips are moving.  This is quite a problem for
>confocal microscopy.
>Thanks in advance,

George McNamara, Ph.D.
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