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I agree with taking glucosamine for joint pain, and I am not one to jump on
the band
wagon about new trends.  I have only been taking it for a couple of months
and it has
helped me greatly.  I have had arthritis since high school (okay guys, you
know that
has been a long, long time) and most of the drugs I have tried had side
effects too
difficult to endure.  When I was without it for a few days, that is when I
realized how
much it helped.  I have carpal tunnel in both hands as well from repetitive
motion from
the 37 years in histology.  I recommend everyone to check with their doctor
and then
give it a try.


Louise Burrell wrote:

> Dear all---I have had CTR surgery on both hands;  Also, the cortisone
> injections into my elbows and wrists----they help for awhile then-ughhhhhh
> I have found something wonderful---Glucosamine Chondroitin--you need 100
> mg of glucosamine everyday for two weeks---then lower dosage.  I am not
> sure what the amount of chondroitin is---it is at every Walgreen's.  The
> best one is a little pink tablet.  Works better than everything I have
> tried.  However I will get those bracelets, also...thanks
> Louise
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