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I still say the old time one-piecers are the best.  Maybe they can still be
found.  Could never get the modular one to get cold enough and they are


Cynthia Favara <> on 01/26/99 04:35:40 PM

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This is exactly the same experience I have had with this unit down to Leica
saying it was a problem with ''our power''. We are now on unit #3 and I
little quirks all the time. Hope that it will one day just quit because I
have my PO ready and waiting!!
Cynthia Favara
903 South 4th Street
Hamilton, MT 59840
PH: 406-363-9317
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I responded earlier today to Cheryl Crowder, but I again feel compelled to
let you know that we have had an absolutely horrible experience with the
Leica embedder.  It is the one piece of equipment that I am sorry that I
ever purchased.  I can speak with authority when I  say  that the embedder
has not withstood the test of time (long or short term!).  We purchased
in 1994, they replaced with a new one in 1995, and we still have trouble.
Service has been a joke.  They removed the instrument from our lab for a
month or so, and decided that the problem is our power!  We put on a line
suppressor, and currently have it running off of new power(with the line
suppressor as well) in our renovated lab.  We still experience error codes,
and malfunctions.  Our Bio-Med has been up twice in the last month to
perform CPR on the thing.  One of the Bio-Med guys expressed that he felt
that Leica had cut a lot of corners when manufacturing the embedder.  It
his opinion that the electronic components were bargain basement.  Most
recently, we had to replace the fuse boxes, because they were arcing!!!  I
was disappointed to see that it was returned from Bio-Med today.  I had the
emergency PO ready to buy a replacement.  I will never, never, never buy
another Leica product that depends on electronic components.  My blood
pressure goes up when I start going over this fiasco!  Sorry for writing a

Sheila Tapper
St. Mary's / Duluth Clinic Health Systems
Duluth, MN <>

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     Hi out there,
     Our Fisher embedding unit, which has been on everyday since when we
     purchased it in 1981 finally went up in smoke today ( of course my
     washer went yesterday) Biomed said even if they can get parts its a
     disaster waiting to happen again. Has any one bought a new one in
     last year or so and do they like it. It has to fit our Leica basket
     because we embed in priority (color) order and cut that way too?
     Bonnie Yanosy 203-384-4434 Bridgeport Hospital, Conn.

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