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Just out of curiosity, I was wondering if the following request has been
addressed?  I've seen a lot of responses talking about infiltrating and
processing, but nothing concerning "EMBEDDING". I was always under the
impression that processing and embedding are two different aspects of the
"process" a piece of tissue goes through before sectioning,staining and
coverslipping. The embedding protocol may well include the correct
orientation of the lung tissue in the embedding mold. Should it be embedded
apex down? Posterior side down?  I know when I had worked in a tox lab we
did have to embed the lungs in a particular orientation. Perhaps I misread
the request....."please suggest a good protocol for embedding lung tissue
in paraffin."

Katie B wrote:

> ---sbledsoe <> wrote:
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> > I have been asked to Post the following:
> >
> > Could someone please suggest a good protocol for embedding lung
> tissue in
> > paraffin.
> >

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