RE: Lung Embedding Protocol

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Regarding the lung processing question, I thought I would offer the
following info.

It is important in our studies to make sure that the sampling site of
the lung tissues is consistent from animal to animal, study to study.
To that end, this is how we trim them:

We always take the same lung lobe (the largest one in rats and mice is
the left lobe).  After the entire lung is fixed by perfusion via the
trachea, the left lung is removed.  Then using a dissection microscope
we carefully cut open the lung lobe, following the largest airway
pathway, and then count the number of daughter branches off of that
airway.  With a razor blade, cuts are made perpendicular to the main
axial airway so that samples are taken at both the 5th and the 11th
daughter branching points.
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