RE: Fixation and embedding of adult murine eyes

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The optimum protocol would be to use 3% glut (in water-buffer doesn't seem
to matter), fix for 2 days, wash and process into plastic.  Processing into
paraffin seems to work all right.  Our procedure involves placing back into
formalin after the 48 hrs in glut, and paraffin embedding.  It all works
better if the total time in fixative is minimized.  We have found that
higher concentrations of glut and/or extended time in formalin makes the
lens very hard and prone to shatter.  Higher concentrations of glut also
tend to cause separation of the retina.

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	Subject:	Fixation and embedding of adult murine eyes

	What is the best fixative to use for adult murine eyes?  Does anyone
	any good protocals?  I have found through trial and error that
fixing in
	neutral buffered formalin only works ok if I fix for 2 days.  I
embed in
	parafin and then section at 7 um.  Most of the architecture of the
eye is
	intact, but the lens always tears or has holes in it.  Is there a
way to
	get around this problem?  Is embedding in plastic a better way to do
	Carolyn Pressman
	MD Anderson Cancer Center
	University of Texas--Houston

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