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Heard (1958)* described a technique in which barium sulphate was used to
impregnate vessels using 7.5% barium nitrate and 10% sodium sulphate for
x-ray examination.

Hutchinson's modification of Spälteholz (Hutchinson 1975). Injection
technique using 'Chromopaque' to demonstrate coronary circulation from

* Heard, B.E. (1958) A pathological study of emphysema of the lungs with
chronic bronchitis. Thorax, 13, 136.
** Bancroft & Stevens, (1977) Theory and Practice of Histological
Techniques, Churchill Livingstone, pp. 402-403.

Eric Kellar
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

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	Good Morning Histonetters,
	Years ago I used a Barium gel solution, which I was able to inject
	coronary arteries at physiologic pressures then cool the heart and
	solution would gel. This gel is visible under the fluoroscope. Do
any of
	you have a recipe for this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
	Thanks in advance
	Gordon Grant
	TransVascular, Inc. Menlo Park CA

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