Insulin like growth factor in situ in bone and cartilage

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From:Denise Hajjar <> (by way of histonet)
To:histonet <>
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Hello everybody,
I am looking for more information about IGF (insulin-like growth factor)
probes for bone and cartilage in situ hybridization. All papers I have found
use the role IGF for in situ, specially for igf-I. Is there any one using
oligonucleotide probes for that instead the hole probe? Is there any reason
why most of the works are using the hole IGF-I probe? The probe has to be
for rat and do you Know where I can get that? Also most of the works use
frozen tissue rather than paraffin ones. Is there any reason for that?
I would appreciate any help
Denise Hajjar
Dpt Histology&Embryology

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