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Cheryl Crowder asked about input  on various embedding units.  I
purchased a Micron AP 280 from Zeiss in February of 1998.  It is a 3
piece modular unit.  Features I liked were the fact that it was
modular, lots of work space,  easy to go from an  auto mode to manual
mode and other flexible features.  In November of 1998 it started
acting up and eventually the the computer board went haywire.  It was
under warranty so I called  service and they told me I would have to
send it in and they would send me a replacement.  It took about a week
for the replacement, but of course we put out tissue everyday so I dug
out my old 1982 Tissue-Tek 3 and fortunately it worked just like it
did everyday since 1982.  The replacement unit they sent
malfunctioned.    The company called from New York and said they
couldnit fix my unit and would have to send it to Europe to the
manufacturer.  It would take a few months.  What? There is no
technician in the US who can fix this?  Well I complained and they
said they would send me a new one.  Another month it finally came.
One module damaged in shipping, that can happen, the second
malfunctions but the third module works fine.  I leave many messages
with Zeiss but rarely do I get a call back. As I write itis been 4
days since the the last message and no response.  I donit know if they
understand that this isn't a microscope usually in abundant supply
instead of a single unit and essential   tool in surgical pathology.
I will stop as  I am getting more irate as I write.  I hope to send a
positive follow up response from Zeiss now that Iive taken it to the
streets.  Thing is this is a potentially great unit.  Iill keep those
interested posted.  Thank you.  Greg Tesdall,Hospital,Kearney,NE.
308.865.7975 (Hint)

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