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From:Elizabeth Morehead <> (by way of histonet)
To:histonet <>
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We just implemented the Kurzweil Dictation system into our daily surgical
grossing dictation.
The system is owned by Lernout and Hausbie, Inc.  (They have a web page.)
It is a great tool
for new residents, but is a little slower than straight dictation.
However, there is no
transcriptionist in the equation, so actually the process as a whole is
more efficient.   I have
seen the Dragon system and it's good, too.
If you wll be interfacing with an LIS system, get all the players together
before purchasing.
Ask your LIS people if they've ever interfaced with a voice dictaiton
system.  I could talk for
hours, but gotta run to a meeting-
Beth Morehead
Med U of SC

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