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We have a set of standard weights.  We "check" our balance every 6
months. I have a chart that shows exactly what the measurement is in one
column (Electric, LCD Mettler balance) and the standard in the other.
We mainly do this because with muscle histochemistries, those chemicals
can be finicky. Although our last CAP inspector did say the protocol was
more than adequate. It must be on the list somewhere, just not sure
where at this point.
 We've never been "off" from the standard weights. I would say at that
point you would call service or decipher a "standard deviation" to
ensure correct measurements.
Good Luck and have a great weekend.

Jennifer L. Hofecker, HT(ASCP)
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Nashville, TN
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Good Friday Morning everyone:  I have a regulation question: Do we have
to calibrate our scales in Histology?  And how often?  I often check it
but never heard we needed a procedure for it until now.

Kathy Gorham, H.T.
Grande Ronde Hospital
LaGrande, Or
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