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From:"Bernice Frederick"

You can fix that tissue for 48 hours and have it start from 70% or adjust
your processor to do so. That alleviates the time problem. We have
researchers do this all the time particularly if they or we (to validate a
test) are doing a time-point fixation.

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I understand your dilemma.  We do have coverage on Saturdays but will run
into the same problem on three day weekends.  (The issue being that
Her-2-IHC should be fixed no longer than 48 hours to be valid.)
We will follow the criteria and if the fixation is longer than 48 hours and
HER-2-neu by IHC is positive, it is ok to report that result.  If it is
negative we will reflex to FISH.
I'd love to hear from more people as to what their plan is.
Jan Mahoney
Omaha, NE

>>> Rene J Buesa  01/24/2008 8:28 AM >>>
You can always set your tissue processor to start ON DELAY mode and it will
start automatically without the need of a weekend rotation.
  René J.

Ramona Turner  wrote:

This is a followup to a recent question asking what do small histology labs
do about proper fixation time for HER2neu if there is no weekend

I would also like to know....other than having a rotation tech to start the
processor on Saturday, I can't think of a solution....A Saturday rotation
would be a great hardship for three techs to maintain, plus that is one of
the perks of the job is not having to work weekends. 

Any ideas?

Ramona Turner, HT (ASCP)
Histology Supervisor
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