[Histonet] need advice on labelling primary antibody with fluorophore; also need suggestions for good NF-kB antibody against mouse tissue

From:"Jacqui Detmar"

Hi all.  Hope you are having a nice afternoon.  I live in Toronto, so
I'm trying to avoid looking out the window at all that snow coming down
.  Anyway, I have a couple of questions to ask those in


1.	I am looking for a kit and/or advice that will help me to label
a green fluorophore (possibly fluorescein?) to a primary antibody, that
also comes with it's own anti-"green fluorophore" secondary antibody
(also labeled with a green fluorophore).  I am doing double-labelling
studies using two different primaries from the same host species.  In
the future I will also likely be doing mouse-on-mouse staining and hope
to circumvent high non-specific staining by labeling with a fluorophore.


2.	Does anybody have any experience with a good NF-kB antibody for
IHC on FFPE mouse tissues?  I would love to know what works for you.


Thanks all, and enjoy the weekend,




Jacqui Detmar, Post-doctoral Fellow

Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute, room 876

Mount Sinai Hospital

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Toronto, ON, Canada

M5G 1X5


phone:   416-586-4800 x2451/x2290

fax:        416-586-8588

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