[Histonet] Indian Hedgehog Ab

From:"Igor Deyneko"

Dear Histonetters!
I was wondering if anyone has ever happened to work with anti-Human Indian
Hedgehog either a Rabbit mono- or polyclonal Ab??? We purchased one from
Abcam, but are not satisfied with IHC results. We get staining all over the
place: smooth muscle(which is not uncommon), but also vessels, tumor cells,
interstitial space, and fibrotic tissue. We get similar results in a
positive control, even though according to Abcam claims that should not be
happening. Since we are working with xenografts we have human tumor cells
with mouse fibrotic tissue support. I tried various rodent and mouse blocks
and snipers, with no success. That's why I'm wondering if anyone can advise
me an Ab, in which they would be confident.
Thank you very much in advance.
Igor Deyneko
In-Vivo Pharmacology
Infinity Pharmaceuticals
Cambridge, MA
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