RE: [Histonet] Who can perform which job functions

From:"Rittman, Barry R"

I don't generally get involved in this type of discussion; however I
feel that an important point has been missed.

No matter how well an individual is trained it is their attitude rather
than their experience that is usually the most important factor in how
they carry out tasks.
It is true that it takes a considerable amount of skill to cut and embed
tissues, however it is how each block and section is mentally approached
that usually determines the final result.

There is a danger in carry out repetitive tasks day after day to become
complacent and to not do your best work. 
Some of the best advice that I was given was to approach every job no
matter how large or small or menial with the attitude of always doing
your best. Sometimes (actually often) I am accused of being a anal but I
find that this mental attitude is very rewarding to me personally.

I do believe that you should be issued with a cattle prod or Taser to
use liberally if the pathologist insists on looking over your shoulder
while you are working!


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