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From:"Joe Nocito"

the kids that work for me only saw steel blades in text books. When I told 
them that I used to strop my own knives, they had to look up the "strop" in 
the dictionary.
    I remember smoking while coverslipping and having a cigarette in the 
morgue during an autopsy to get the smell out.
    Of course, that was before MSDS, lab safety, and jet airplanes. Ahhhh, 
the good times

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> Sally,  Good grief you're old!  But then of course I remember all of
> those things also so I guess we're not all that old if we can still
> remember them!
> Linda
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> Remembering 1969 is EASY!  Remembering 1969 is NOT a problem.
> What is hard these days is trying to remember where I parked the car when 
> I
> leave work, or (if I get that far)... now where did I put my car keys?!
> ~ Ford
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