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From:"Joe Nocito"

contact Ventana and tell them you want the "white sheets" for the ISH. These 
have specific results listed. I used these for my procedures and the CAP 
inspector accepted those results. I was inspected on the 19th. I received my 
sheets free, but then again :-(>


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I have been using this method for about 3 years now and our reports read
for diagnosis: The result for HPV testing by in-situ hybridization for
this patient was (either "detected",or "not detected", or we also use
"determined equivocal").

The CAP checklist has some suggestions for the disclaimer, we use "This
test was developed and its performance characteristics determined by
(your lab name).  It has not been cleared or approved by the U.S. FDA.
The FDA has determined that such clearance or approval is not necessary.
This test is used for clinical purposes.  It should not be regarded as
investigational or for research.  This laboratory is regulated under
CLIA 88 as qualified to perform high complexity clinical testing.

Melissa Zummak

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Subject: [Histonet] HPV Final Report Using Ventana

Hello All,

  I was wondering if anyone knew what kind of diagnosis wording would
work best for reporting HPV results from the Ventana system?  The
Ventana guys also mentioned a disclaimer that should be included on the
final report due to its status as an ASR.  Any help would be greatly


  Tom Ward M.S. CT(ASCP)
  Harrisonburg Cytology Services
  (540) 289-7558

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