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From:"Judy Collins"

We have a Peloris processor.  Rene is correct.  It does not use
microwaves. But we love ours.  We are an independent pathology
laboratory and most of our specimens are small.  We are able to process
most of our tissues in 1-2 hours AND, in addition, the processing (which
does not use xylene) is generally superior to the older, longer
processing.  It has enabled our laboratory to change the way we work in
huge ways.  We no longer have the crazy early morning rush to cut all of
our blocks because we are able to process many tissues during the
morning and afternoon instead of overnight.  We embed and cut them
during what used to be down times in the afternoon and early evening.
It has worked out very well for us. The processor has been very reliable
and it saves money on reagents as well.

Judy Collins
Palm Beach Pathology

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I am in the same boat, we are looking at purchasing new processor(s)
very soon to go in the direction of rapid processing and would also like
to hear any comments, positive and\or negative about anyone's experience
with any model of processor.  Anyone had any experience with the Peloris

Melissa Zummak
Alverno Clincal Labs  

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Subject: [Histonet] Microwave Tissue Processors

Our pathologists are interested in purchasing a microwave tissue
processor for smaller biopsies.  I was wondering if anyone has any
positive and negative feedback.   

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